TNT Plastic

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TNT Holiday Stash 2021

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This Sunday … along with our Sun Drop Ectopod, Glow Cranberry Frost Ectopod and Glow Cranberry Frost Milton, we have a stash of older figures to post!

Thanks to a wonderful customer, we have several figures from the vault. They wanted to be sure these got into the hands of another collector at cost. So we are listing these again for you … at their original price. (Or LOWER!)

Only one of each, so don’t dally …

Artist series Snalien by @ac_.designsss
(was LE 6 … last one!)

Midas Milton
(was LE 3 … last one!)

Lunar New Years Milton
(was LE8 … last one!)

“Classic” black Milton
(last one ever!)

3 PM est

Any of these items are eligible to get a raffle ticket for the Iron Doc’s Birthday Bash set! Get all 4, get 4 tickets FREE! (see the Raffle listing for more details)

Any items sold on 12/19 will ship on 12/20