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Sun Drop Ectopod (1:5 Chase)

Image of Sun Drop Ectopod (1:5 Chase)
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This is the fun part of Winter ... when it is all new and cheery. We are hype! So, we are dipping into our magic bag to bring you these ridiculously cool COLOR changing Ectopods. They start out a yummy looking yellow ... bring them into the sun and watch the change happen! Shifts from yellow to green and FAST! For those of you bummed about it getting darker longer and sooner, they also respond to UV / black light. SO get out in the sun with 'em while you can.

CHASE ALERT: We make the SUN DROP ECTOPOD with a 1:5 ratio ... so you have a shot at getting the glossy chase! No worries though, the matte SDE looks amazing too. This is an initial run of 5 Ectopods, but they are LE 20. 15 others will be released in 2022, with the same chase ratio.

These are in hand and ready to ship. Any sold on 12/19 will ship on 12/20

4" resin toy

Because of the handmade nature of these pieces, there maybe subtle differences between each piece. Color changes in sunlight or UV / black light.

Hugs, and thank you for another great year!