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Sun Drop Snalien

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"Sun's out, fun's out"
~ Dee Bolsa

OKAY! No more dreary Winter. GO AWAY!
In our attempt to speed up the seasons, we are dipping into our magic bag to bring you these ridiculously cool COLOR changing Snaliens. They start out a yummy looking yellow ... bring them into the sun and watch the change happen! Shifts from yellow to green and FAST! For those of you with gloomy weather hanging about, they also respond to UV / black light.

CHASE ALERT: We make the SUN DROP SNALIEN with a 1:6 ratio ... so you have a shot at getting the glossy chase! No worries though, the matte SDS looks amazing too.

Please note: These are being made to order and may take slightly longer to ship than normal drops. Rest assured, we will get them out ASAP.

4" resin toy

Because of the handmade nature of these pieces, there maybe subtle differences between each piece. Color changes in sunlight or UV / black light.