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RESINation: Beta

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RESINation: Beta

5 Resin Artists. 6 Colors. 10 Cases.

Saturday, June 5, 2021 @ 3PM ET

We are RESINation. 5 resin artists unite to bring to you an instant collection, each contributing signature pieces in a spectrum of color - a sampling from different perspectives and different points on the map; coast to coast, and in-between.

Each of the five artists will be doing 10 pieces of their design, in their chosen color, along with 2 chases in red. Each case will contain 6 pieces in total: one standard piece from each of the five artists and one, from a random artist, in the chase color.

Bean Largent: Purple
Resin Rookie: Orange
TNT Plastic: Yellow
5thTurtle: Green
SergAndDestroy: Blue

This is the Beta run, and packaging will be minimalistic to let the pieces speak for themselves. Figures will come inside 4” black boxes, using slaps from the individual artists to identify, and the chase will have the RESINation flag logo. Figures will range from 2.75” to 3.5”.

Cases will be on sale at, and will be limited to one per household. Any suspicious orders will be cancelled.

Price per case: $185 plus shipping

For #RESINation WIP and teaser shots (and other goodness), follow #RESINation and the individual artists here: