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Iron Doc’s Birthday Bash Set (Raffle)

Image of Iron Doc’s Birthday Bash Set (Raffle)
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Made on The Day, IDS wanted you to score the gift. So it's time to raffle up! Get a special celebratory one-of-one set featuring 3 of our characters ... possibly on the cheap!

Snalien, Ectopod and Easter Island Bunny are ready to PAR-TAY! They glitter. They glow. They get lit in UV light. And they are bringing the party to YOU! Nice and glossy and one of a kind.

12/19/2021 @ 3 PM est to 12/26/2021 @ 3 PM est


* Buy 'em! $5 a piece at

* Score 'em! Buy any figure from during the window and you score a FREE ticket to the raffle. Super-secret bonus (that we're telling you about) ... buy any of the TNT items from Gift Wrapped '21 at, get bonus tickets! Purchase the Cider Glow Snalien or the Silver Ectopod, get 2 FREE tickets! Purchase the Camp Overlook set, get 10 FREE tickets! Proof of purchase needed, please email us at [email protected] for details. (TNT will provide the virtual ticket info, please do not contact Clutter)

* Win 'em! We will run a contest exclusively for members of the TNT Syndicate Facebook group. The contest will be short and sweet and you will need to be a member of the Syndicate. ANY member can win (including admins) so join up today!

Raffle tickets are virtual. We will email you with a 3 digit number which represents your ticket. After the window closes on the ticket sales, we will do an IG Live video where we will enter the numbers into a randomizer. When we run the randomizer, the first number picked will be the winner of this unique set! The prize will ship out on 12/28/2021

Best of luck to you and thank you for another great year!