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Classic Milton (Black)

Image of Classic Milton (Black)

Black goes with EV'rything!

Our Classic Milton has finally arrived; ready to go on daily adventures with you, to make the work day pass by faster! He likes clean desks to stretch his legs out, but he REALLY LOVES a messy desk - It makes it easier to sneak up on his prey. What was that noise? Milton senses a presence...

This Classic Milton comes at you in a batch of 12 with TWO RED GLOW CHASES! Classic Milton will be restocked every few months, continuing with the 1:6 chase rarity, until we decide to retire it.

4" Resin Toy
Hand-Sculpted and Painted by: Xybot
Casted by: Iron Doc Sampson

Because of the handmade nature of these pieces, there maybe subtle differences between each piece. Glow is best charged by natural sunlight or UV black light.