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Classic Milton (Black)

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Black goes with EV'rything!

Our Classic Milton has finally arrived; ready to go on daily adventures with you, to make the work day pass by faster! He likes clean desks to stretch his legs out, but he REALLY LOVES a messy desk - It makes it easier to sneak up on his prey. What was that noise? Milton senses a presence...

This Classic Milton comes at you in a batch of 12 with TWO RED GLOW CHASES! Classic Milton will be restocked every few months, continuing with the 1:6 chase rarity, until we decide to retire it.

4" Resin Toy
Hand-Sculpted and Painted by: Xybot
Casted by: Iron Doc Sampson

Because of the handmade nature of these pieces, there maybe subtle differences between each piece. Glow is best charged by natural sunlight or UV black light.

Please note: These are being made to order and may take slightly longer to ship than normal drops. Rest assured, we will get them out ASAP.