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Candy Corn Snalien

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"Snails. Why did it have to be snails?"
~ Indiana Joe

So what comes to mind when you think Halloween? Pumpkins! Yes, okay ... what candy do you think of when you think Halloween? Smarties! Okay, you're that weird kid who loves Smarties. Fine. How about CANDY CORN? YASSSS! Candy corn is super iconic and we know there are some people who can't stand it but whatevs. It is awesome. Like little frosting bombs ... and who doesn't love the color combo? CLASSIC!

At TNT Plastic, we loooooove Halloween. So when we wanted to debut our new SNALIEN character, we couldn't think of a better colorway than Candy Corn Snalien! The only way it could be cooler was if it glowed ... so. BAM! It do! Our motto is "Gotta glow" so there you go.

Each CANDY CORN SNALIEN is 4" tall, hand poured resin that glows like a mug. We know you are going to love 'em as much as we do.

SNALIEN concept and original design by Ross Devore, straight from Mason's Basement. Remixed by TNT Plastic. 3D sculpted and printed by Resin Rookie. Back home to TNT's studio for final designing and casting. PHEW! It takes a village, people ...

* orders will ship out by 11/5/19