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Candy Corn Crew

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3 years ago, the Candy Corn Snalien was released! This was the very first colorway of our little alien buddy and it will always hold a special place in our hearts.

3 years is a special anniversary, and the Ectopod and E.I.B. want to get in on the action too. So to celebrate, we are introducing the Candy Corn Crew … clear resin versions of some of our characters stuffed with festive resin candy corn! (… and blacklight responsive, too!)

This initial drop will be made with orange sparkle glitter. They will also be shipped in time to be received on or before Halloween if you are in the continental United States.

IF these sell out, we will be making more Snaliens and Ectopods for sale by lottery only at a later date. The 2nd batch of figures WILL NOT have any glitter in them to differentiate between them and the initial drop. They will be on sale before Halloween, but you will not receive them in time for the special day. You can rock out with them all November though to get ready for Turkey Day.

Thank you for your continued support of the Snalien and all of our past and future projects!

Tommy and Trevor
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